Gamma’s museum standards meet the highest quality in custom framing the industry has to offer. All framing is done by Charles Crawford and his staff of certified picture framers. The latest innovations in museum framing and picture matting ensure that all artwork will be enjoyed in optimum condition for years to come.

Picture Matting Chicago

While any non-professional picture framing shop can provide inexpensive decorative-grade services, most will claim conservation grade framing and matting, which means no acidic component will touch the print. However, components of the frame not in contact with the print may still have acid and iron content. Moreover, with decorative-grade services, UV acrylic or glass may be used, which will provide a reduction in UV rays, but not a 98% filter. Decorative-grade picture framing will slow down the aging process, but will not stop it.

Gamma Custom Picture Framing

Gamma encases and presents artwork without altering the original condition of the art. All picture framing methods used are completely reversible so there is no permanent damage to the artwork itself. Conservation quality materials inhibit impurities leeching into the artwork from the surroundings and provide a controlled atmospheric environment to prolong its life.

Picture Framing in Chicago

Chicago Picture Framing

Only Gamma’s true museum framing and matting, using materials that contain zero acid content, zero iron content, and acrylic that is 98% UV filtering, can provide the optimized protection. Decorative picture framing techniques do offer important levels of protection, yet only those using true museum framing methods go beyond the basics of preservation.

Where has Gamma kept up with the latest innovation in conservation and protection? How does Gamma minimize deterioration by the environment and avoid contributory deterioration from the material that surround the artwork?

Gamma’s use of the following products provides active protection against harmful pollutants both within and outside the frames: preservation mat boards, Japanese rice paper hinges and polyester mounting corners, archival corrugate backboard, and conservation-grade glass and plexiglass.