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Gamma's giclee printing and fine art graphics fit in with Gamma's tradition of archival printing and fine art printing.

Giclee fine art printing, museum quality printing, and prints on canvas are managed by Gamma's fine arts division.

Archival giclee printing is produced on the new Epson 9800, which specializes in digital black & white printing.

Giclee printing on the Iris, which outputs up to 2000 dpi, prints the finest archival fine art printing and archival digital printing.

Archival digital printing with organic water based dyes are best suited for fine art printing and fine art graphics.

Fine art reproductions and digital black & white photography are benefited by Epson's droplet technology, which aids fine art digital printing and giclee fine art printing.

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The Gamma Difference

While Gamma's equipment list, media selection and ink choices are more extensive than most, it is the individual attention our customers receive from a knowledgeable and experienced staff that distinguishes us. Since 1962 Gamma has been involved in color and black & white archival print production — from dye transfer, cibachrome printing, BW fiber printing, to more recently with the digital revolution, fine art and Giclee print making. Our product knowledge, technical expertise, and most importantly, the one-on-one collaborative effort each artist experiences with our staff separates Gamma from most other print makers. It is this union of the technical — the equipment, inks, and materials, together with the artistic ability of the Gamma technician and the artist's input — that explains Gamma's loyal clientele.

The print making process is complex. The mere possession of the right tools is the start, but will not insure that the artist will be satisfied. Our technicians, artists themselves with the trained eye and sensitivity for the quality craftsmanship required to make an accurate print, work individually with our clients to select the paper or canvas, ink combinations and coatings, which will render the best results in reproducing original art. Unlike production houses which are geared to produce signs, banners, posters, and other advertising, our giclee printing is managed by our Fine Arts division, where as a 'boutique' printmaker we encourage our clients to sit in on the process. We view the artist as a partner in achieving the desired result.

Oil by Cathee Abel Clausen

See more in our artist galleries.

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