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Gamma's high-res Scitex drum scans result in giclee printing and archival printing of uncompromising quality.

Fine art reproductions and prints on canvas require digital scans, resulting in giclee fine art printing, raising the bar for archival printing.

Gamma's archival digital printing, now with the Epson's three level black technology, enables giclee printing and fine art digital printing to be scratch resistant.

Digital black & white printing and digital black and white photography are output at 2880 x 1400 dpi

The Scitex drum scans are complemented by Epson's K3 archival printing to enhance all digital black and white photography and digital black & white printing.

Museum quality printing and fine art graphics, previously made possible by Lambda digital prints, are now considered fine art printing or archival fine art printing.

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Scitex and ZBE Satellite Scanners

For customers who are not sending digital files to Gamma, we employ several high-end scanners, each dedicated to a specific task determined by the original you send us.

Digital scans on the Scitex Eversmart Supreme are made from negatives or transparencies. At a record breaking scanning resolution of 14,000 dpi, the Scitex Eversmart is the world's finest scanner, incomparable in quality, versatility, and uncompromising in sharpness, tonality, and neutrality. The Eversmart's oXYgen software enables the scanner to better differentiate a wide range of color tones. Its MaxDR distills high quality image data improving the dynamic range in dark to mid-tone areas. Working together, oXYgen Scan software and MaxDR produce a maximum density value of 4.3 for unmatched shadow detail, resulting in giclee printing that renders the entire tonal range presented in the original.

From paintings and flat art, the legendary ZBE Satellite is known for its high resolution digital scans and unique lighting system. Scanning originals up to 33" x 48", its Phase One digital scan back captures 10,500 x 12,600 pixels and manages files up to 460 MB. The Satellite's light source features variable cold-cathode illumination, enabling the scanner operator to capture the finest details of oil or acrylic on canvas paintings.

For archival giclee printing, whether we work with your transparencies or negatives on the Scitex Eversmart Supreme or your original art on the ZBE Satellite, be assured that all originals are handled with the utmost care and respect by experienced technicians.

Sparkling Bottles on the Sill
Watercolor by Liz Kalish

Sunny Afternoon
Oil by Liz Kalish

See more in our artist galleries.

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