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Somerset and Hahnemuhle's acid free materials are utilized in Gamma's giclee printing, fine art reproductions, and all archival printing.

Archival printing using Lysonic inks produces the most stable archival digital printing and archival giclee printing.
Giclee fine art printing and fine art printing are improved by Epson's 9800, which aids fine art digital printing and fine art archival digital printing.

Archival giclee printing produced from 3.5 picoliter ink droplets remains the finest of giclee printing, archival fine art printing, or archival digital printing.

Archival fine art printing on Epson's 9800 surpasses the quality of all museum quality printing, prints on canvas, or digital black & white printing.

Digital black & white printing, from Epson's black ink technology, rises above previous digital black & white photography, giclee printing, or archival fine art printing.

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Papers and Inks

Gamma's fine art material selection is vast. We offer art reproduction and photo printing on canvas, watercolor papers, and photo papers.

A wide selection of Hahnemuhle's 100% cotton acid free material is inventoried. Hahnemuhle's rag paper is known for its small dot gain.

Somerset paper — archival mouldmade in England by St. Cuthberts papermill — is 100% cotton with a neutral pH, two natural deckles, and a satin or velvet finish. Mould-made paper is made by a slowly rotating machine called a cylinder mould that simulates the process of making paper by hand. The fibers are more intertwined than in machine made papers, so the paper is stronger, yet more flexible.

Click on the name of a paper below for detailed information, displayed to the right.

Ixia (Iris)
Somerset Velvet 330 gm
Somerset Satin 500 gm
Cranes Museo 365
Somerset Rough 500 gm

Equipoise Inks

  • Designed for fine art reproduction
  • Large color range
  • Most stable of fine art inks
  • Water-soluble
  • Dye-based
  • Strong in the magenta color range
  • Brighter, cleaner reds, oranges, violets

Epson 9800
Somerset Photo Enhanced Velvet 255 gm
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 gm
Parrot High Performance Matte Canvas
Parrot Premium Gloss Canvas
Cranes Museo 365 gm

Lysonic Inks

  • Designed for fine art reproduction
  • Widest color gamut, less metamorism
  • 10 times the light stability
  • Superior archivability
  • Estimated indoor display life of over 100 years
  • Pigmented

Acrylic on canvas By Bob Anderson

See more in our artist galleries.

Paper Details

Somerset Velvet 330 gm — The most popular watercolor paper in the Iris Giclee industry due to its unique whiteness. This stock has a velvet textured, brilliant white finish. Its longevity with Lysonic Neutral Quad monochrome inks is greater than 75 years. Somerset velvet's color gamut is not as wide as coated papers such as enhanced velvet. The results are soft, much like original watercolors or pastels.

Paper Details

Somerset Satin 500 gm — This watercolor paper is smoother and thicker than Somerset Velvet. It is recommended for reproduction from textured originals. Somerset Satin will remain flat after printing and is buffered to protect it from atmospheric acids.

Paper Details

Cranes Museo 365 — This material is made from 100% cotton, is acid-free, and internally buffered with calcium carbonate. Its traditional velina finish has a 91 brightness and contains no florescent whiteness to avoid unwanted fading. It produces more saturated color than uncoated papers.

Paper Details

Somerset Photo Enhanced Velvet 255 gm — This 100% acid free cotton rag paper has superior definition in the highlights, an expanded color space, and smaller dot gain for increased resolution. Somerset Photo Enhanced reaches difficult colors at the edge of our ink's color gamut. The bright white color, combined with superior ink holdout gives stunning results. For crisp "photo quality" reproductions without sacrificing the luxurious feel of real fine art paper, Somerset Velvet Photo Enhanced is the premium paper choice. Permanence on this paper is rated at 125 years when framed with UV filtered glass.

Paper Details

Hahnenuhle Photo Rag 308 gm — This bright white 100% cotton calendared rag paper is acid free with a neutral pH. The smooth finish and deep blacks make for excellent prints of both art and photography. Providing excellent image sharpness and optimum color graduation, its coating also offers a very high level of water resistance.

Paper Details

Parrot High Performance Matte Canvas — This 17 mil white, acid free material affords the widest color gamut, highest resolution and best product consistency. It is a cotton/polyester blend and is water and fade resistant. It has the feel of real artist's canvas, and can be stretched on wood bars.

Paper Details

Boasting a lightfastness rating of 7 on the Blue Wool Scale for all colors, Somerset Rough is a soft, yet strong paper. It is thicker with more texture than the Velvet or Satin materials, and comes with two natural and two tear deckles.

Paper Details

Parrot Premium Gloss Canvas — This 19 mil bright white, double weave canvas affords a large color gamut. It dries instantly and is water resistant. It has superior stretching characteristics without sagging and is crack resistant.

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