Audio Transfer

Gamma’s audio studio captures a variety of media and converts them to MP3 format. Now you can enjoy your old mix tapes, recordings of recitals, or your favorite vinyl album on any device. We’ve converted recordings of peoples grandparents, wedding speeches, and old garage bands.

Magnetic Media Degrades

All magnetic media degrades over time, but once we’ve converted the audio to a digital file we can restore it so it sounds better than it did on tape. Our sound engineers will balance the recovered audio to minimize the amount of magnetic artifacts. It takes a skilled hand to properly re-master sound properly.

Studio Quality Audio

With our studio quality audio workstations we can capture audio in the highest fidelity. Our digital audio mixing board and soundproof booth ensure the best recording possible. We take the responsibility of archiving your media very seriously. Our goal is to faithfully archive every second of your personal history.

Gamma Can Convert From Any Audio Media

We can convert from any audio media like records, audio tapes, reel to reel, compact casette, 8-track, Microcasette, Minicasette, Laser Disc, DATs and MiniDisc. We provide files in any format including MP3 and FLAC, on a CD or on a usb drive. We can even provide a download link or email the files to you.