Video Transfer

Gamma’s conversion of multiple types of deteriorating media to DVD, Bluray, or files is done on a professional level.  With our Cintel diTTo Evolution and Sony Broadcast equipment, we image one level above the film’s resolution.  Unlike the independent video conversion shops, camera stores, or big box outlets, Gamma employs the equipment and skilled staff ensuring that your photos, slides, and movies are successfully transferred with maximum detail capture and archived for future generations of enjoyment.

Expert Staff • Advanced Work Environment

Our Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Laboratory ensures a safe environment protecting your media as we convert film to DVD and improving the likelihood of full fidelity to the original. Gamma’s workstations further enable our technicians to engage in post production restoration for grain reduction, increased sharpness and dust & scratch removal.

  • VHS  (VHS-C, S-VHS)
  • DVD
  • Laserdisc
  • Mini DV
  • 8mm videotape
  • Hi-8
  • Digital 8
  • BetaMax
  • Bluray
  • Hdv Mini-DV
  • UMatic
  • Umatic SP
  • Micro MV
  • HDV
  • MiniDVD