Gamma processes all E6 and C41 films in the most technically advanced equipment available. All of our processing is computerized allowing extensive monitoring of all processing variables.

Our state-of-the-art Refrema E6 processors are the most advanced processors in the world today. The Refrema is so exacting, it can consistently push and pull exposures within 1/8 of a stop. Its temperature control is so critical that it won’t allow your film to be loaded if the temperature is off by as little as .25 degrees centigrade! Pairing Refrema’s consistency, repeatable quality, improved agitation and better drying control with our professional lab personnel, you have Chicago’s most unbeatable team.

At Gamma, we set the standards!

Sheet Film

4 x 5 $4.05
8 x 10 7.50
11 x 14 19.55

Roll Film

Unmounted Plastic
135-24 $10.80 $15.00
135-36 12.80 17.00
120 8.80
220 17.60

Long Length

35mm Max. 50 ft. $2.80 per foot

Minimum charge: $8.50 Any roll over 36 Exp. is considered bulk film.

Other Services

Film and/or proof sheets

Mounting Only

Per frame from cut 35mm-plastic or cardboard $0.55
Per roll of pre-processed 35mm 6.00
Per glass mount (requires an additional 48 hours) 5.00
Per frame in plastic for bulk film 0.20

Technical Information

What effect does airport X-ray equipment have on your film? How safe is your E6, C41 or black & white film? Contact us at 877-441-4830 for more information.

Service Times

WEEKDAYS: Normal hours for processing color film are 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

NORMAL SERVICE:  24-48 hours (Typically next business day.)

SAME DAY SERVICE: Work brought in by 9 AM, including processing time, 100% additional

All 35mm slides are plastic mounted in plain mounts. Service times are for reasonable quantities; allow additional time for large quantities, adjusted processing, and special services.

Discounts offered for Students and Large orders, call for details.