Choose from a wide selection of wood frames and metal frames in many styles and colors.
We carry a complete line of picture frames from Larson-Juhl, Omega, Gemini and Nielsen. Every picture frame is well-constructed, has mitered joints, and is underpinned eliminating nail holes in the sides of the frame. Picture frames are completely assembled with archival mat(s), glazing, back board, and a hanging kit, which includes braided wire and wall protection bumpers.

Museum Quality Framing Materials : Wood Frames

Wood Frames

Featuring Oak, Ash, Cherry and Maple hardwoods.
Professional picture frames are expertly cut to insure tight corners and structural strength.
Available in four profiles: knight, canvas knight, simple elegance, and eagle.
Selection of seven colors: walnut, cherry, pecan, natural, honey, white and black.

Museum Quality Framing Materials : Metal Frames

Metal Frames

Nielsen’s metal frames contain 30% more aluminum with a harder surface than other lines. Nielsen’s museum framing quality begins with virgin aluminum and ends with each piece polished to perfection.
Available in four profiles:
Round top canvas, flat top canvas, round top classic, and round top traditional.
Selection of 73 vibrant colors.