Image Resizing – File Interpolation

Gamma specializes in increasing the resolution of low quality images. We provide solutions for image resizing of graphical files without incurring blurring or jagged edges. We increase resolution on files used for printing poster sizes up to billboard sizes.

There are many reasons an image may be suffering from low resolution. For one, phone camera resolution has been low over the years. Even semi-pro digital cameras can’t live up to the task of enlarging an image to poster size. For example, a 20 megapixel digital camera can only print to 12”x18” at 300 dpi.

To date, our technicians employ seven photo interpolation programs designed to increase resolution of low quality images. Most of these programs use a method of interpolation that finds lines that should be straight and gives them a vector sharp edge instead of a stair-stepped jagged edge. Some of these programs are better at architectural and landscape images and some are better at portraiture. Since every image is different, we will run your image through all seven programs designed to blow up and enhance and select the sharpest result. 

Image resizing programs cannot bring back quality that has been totally lost. However, enlargement algorithms will improve images with jagged low resolution edges, color noise and light distortion. Your interpolated image will not suffer from any of the common side effects like artifacts or halos.