Reproduction Transparencies, Gamma Imaging

When color contrast, balance and density are critical, Gamma’s reproduction transparencies provide the quality solution. Whether you need single or multiple copies, you’re assured of excellent fidelity every time.

Using best available stock and an intricate masking method to approach original color, we produce highly accurate duplicates from transparencies, negatives or flat artwork*.

1st 2-11 12-25 Repro Range
(Selection of 3)
4 x 5 $76.00 $43.00 $37.00 $128.00
8 x 10 116.00 66.00 51.00 225.00

Flat art over 30″ x 40″ add $40.00 to 1st transparency price.
From paintings and books additional minimum charge of $40.00.
Packaging charge for unprotected art: $18.00.

Special Services

For burn-ins, overlays, distortion correction, multiple exposures, sandwiches, photocomposition and transparency retouching, please ask for quote.

Service Times

NORMAL SERVICE: 3-4 days, for reasonable quantities.

2 DAY SERVICE: 50% additional.

24 HOUR SERVICE: 100% additional.