Our professional color prints are superior custom quality, ideal for display and sales presentations. Prints are color corrected, dodged, burned-in and sized, if requested. Color prints are made from color negatives. Prints from transparencies or flat art require scanning. For the ultimate in reproduction quality we recommend our Repro Color Prints.

For quantities of 25 or more from the same negative, there is no first print charge.

An approval print is supplied, prior to final run. Approval prints must be confirmed within 3 working days, in order to match sample given. All prints are full negative, semi-matte finish, with borders unless specified otherwise.

PRINT MATCHING: Requests for matching of previously printed photographs are difficult to achieve. Different paper emulsions, chemistry, equipment, etc. make exact matching virtually impossible. The best results will always be our goal. 100% additional.

Technical Info

In color film, the three dye layers are capable of producing a pleasing rendition of most subjects. Occasionally, a photographer may have difficulty in reproducing a particular color. Certain colors will fall outside the range of photographic reproduction. This is especially true of fluorescent colors.

Service Times

NORMAL SERVICE: 48 hours in reasonable quantities (Must be in by 4:00 p.m.). After approval, quantity runs are 2-4 working days.

MASKING: For contrast control, $30.00 additional.