Digital Wallpaper from Gamma Chicago

Vinyl wallpaper has grown in popularity for both residential and commercial interiors, and is today the material of choice for interior designers, decorators and architects. The reasons for vinyl’s popularity are both aesthetic and practical–vinyl wallpaper offers a wide range of finishes and colors with enhanced durability.

Gamma’s vinyl wallpaper offers high quality flexible textures that produce compelling combinations of color, light, shape, and shadow. We provide a full range of decorative surfaces that are distinctly superior to anything else on the market. A wide variety of décor surfaces, manufactured to last and perform to the highest standards, are within reach of the most modest budget.

Wallpaper Texture - Abaco Beach
Abaco Beach
Fine powdered texture adds subtleties to the image.
Wallpaper Texture - Chubb Rocks
Chubb Rocks
Coarse sand texture absorbs more light and ink; it covers slightly damaged dry wall well.
Wallpaper Texture - Great Sail
Great Sail
A classic, tightly woven canvas fabric texture with a few random horizontal “slubs” for dimension and character.
Wallpaper Texture, Mongahello
A distinctive stone finish with a softened random plaster texture.
Wallpaper Texture, Retro
Granite Texture adds depth and dimension to the image.
Wallpaper Texture, Bita Bay
Bita Bay
Surface of supple rippled water will impart texture to the selected image without too much impact to the finished product.
Wallpaper Texture, Glassed Out
Glassed Out
Smooth gloss white finish is ideal for high-definition images.
Wallpaper Texture, Grotto
A large scale “deep” stucco texture that covers damaged drywall better than most textures.
Wallpaper Texture, Nassau Dunes
Nassau Dunes
A “stipple sand” texture that softens the image incrementally.
Wallpaper Texture, Trade Route
Trade Route
Consistency like Chinese “raw” silk has a fine fabric texture that gives the finished image a sophisticated look.
Gamma Trade Show Displays Uses
  • Showrooms
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Facilities
  • Interior Decorations
  • Exhibits
  • Lobbies
  • Sport Facilities
  • Museums
Gamma Trade Show Displays Features
  • Full Color
  • Smooth or Textured Vinyl
  • High Resolution Colors
  • Scuff resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Washable
  • Affordable & Cost Effective
  • Nationwide Installation
  • Easy to Install and Remove


Gamma can assist in all stages of the design, creation, production, and installation of custom wallpaper. More…

Vinyl wallpaper is produced on our 6-color Vutek. The Vutek outputs on a wide variety of digital wall treatments in addition to many types of vinyl banners, cloth banners, and mesh banners. More…