Imaging Scanner Equipment from Gamma ChicagoGamma provides unique digital scans that are automatically corrected and color-balanced to each type of film. A wide range of scans are available; one that will surely fit your requirements. From 4MB scans to 4GB+ high-res drum scans, Gamma has a rainbow of solutions.

Chicago's Gamma Imaging ScannerEquipment

Our high-powered Kodak HR500 provides affordable digital scans with enough resolution for billboard-sized prints and scans over 100MB for high-end use. Of course, for ultra high-res drum scans, our network includes the Scitex Supreme, the most advanced instrument incorporating laser technology; it provides the sharpest scans from originals, with the utmost in tonal range capture, supreme color purity, and true calibrated files. For drum scanning negatives and slides, the Heidelberg D8400 produces the best balance of low noise/grain, excellent shadow recovery and best sharpness of typical scanning resolutions. For large reflective art up to 34″ x 48″ the ZBE Satellite provides custom flatbed scans. Its digital copy system with digital optic technology is our answer to high-res flatbed scanning.

Scanner Chicago Gamma

Scanner Gamma ChicagoTechnicians

Lastly, our technicians are the finest in the business. Your originals are carefully cleaned by our trained staff. All digital scans, including the 30-cent, 8MB files are individually previewed, dust busted, and tweaked for color, sharpness, and clarity.



  • Stunning sharpness
  • Supreme color purity
  • Dynamic range density
  • Utilizing 5 scanners
  • Maximum resolution up to 5500 dpi
  • Latest color calibration software
  • Dpi calculator

Our Scanning Network

  • Kodak HR500 Scanner provides affordable scans that are spectacularly sharp.
  • Scitex Supreme High Resolution Scanner for ultra high-res drum scans; the most advanced scanner on the market.
  • ZBE Satellite Digital Copy System art up to 34″x48″; digital optics
  • Noritsu High Speed Film Scanner
  • Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED
  • Epson 11000xl

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