Gamma has been recovering memory cards and hard drives for decades. We’ve watched the software go from sketchy to very solid.  It still isn’t perfect but last year we had a better than 94% success rate on data recovery projects.

Gamma has been recovering memory cards and hard drives for decades.

We originally specialized in only memory cards.  Not a week goes by without a client coming to us with a corrupted memory card.  It’s always devastating.  The crashed card had the only copy of the graduation photos, the honeymoon, or a few years of a child’s life. In the era of film we could at least go back to the negatives, but in many cases that memory card held the only copy of those memories.

specialized in only memory cards

We offer same day pick up anywhere in Chicago.  Typical turnaround is 2-5 business days but Rush service is available.  No two cases are exactly the same.  The time it takes to restore data is dictated by size of drive, cause of data loss, and physical condition of the drive.


No project is too small!  In fact, for smaller projects, hard drive recovery can often be done in a day.  Pricing is based on the complexity of the project and the amount of actual run time it will take.  We usually provide a quote within hours, including turn time so you have an idea of when the project will be completed.


As soon as we have any news about your data restoration we will let you know. There’s nothing better than hearing the relief in someone’s voice when we tell them that their photos, videos, and data were saved.  Puppy pictures, a child’s first steps, or a European vacation.  We’re here to help save those memories.


Remember! Eventually, we’ll all press the power button on a device only to see an error message, or worse, nothing at all.

  • Bluray

  • HDV Mini-DV


  • UMatic

  • UMatic SP

  • Micro MV

  • HDV

  • MiniDVD

  • Desktops

  • SD Cards

  • Micro SD

  • Micro Stick

  • Compact Flash

  • Even Smart Phones and Mobile Devices!

Can recover from Mac, Windows, and Linux.